Practice Areas


Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

Do you need plastic surgery, cosmetic, and aesthetic medicine? Whether you need an outpatient procedure or one with a short hospital stay, GO Nile Health will help your be healthy and happy.


General Medicine

GO Nile Health provides comprehensive medical care. Our healthcare professionals will carefully learn about your medical history and perform personal exams to better understand what treatment you need. See a primary care physician and specialists all in one place to take care of all your medical needs from diagnosis to rehabilitation.


Intensive Care

Are you seeking advanced medical care at a reasonable price? Our renowned clinicans work in top-quality facilities and will help meet your medical and financial needs when you or someone you love needs complicated, intensive care.


Dental Care

Do you need cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, crown, or more complex dental care? Our highly qualified dentists offer all types of dental treatments. Why not combine our first-class dental care with an adventure and explore Egypt? 



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