Plastic Surgery in Egypt

Plastic Surgery In Egypt

plastic surgery in egypt

The phrase, plastic surgery, is derived from a Greek word, plastikos, which means "shaping and moulding." Plastic surgery has been practiced from time immemorial, with the earliest cosmetic plastic surgery dating back to ancient Egypt. Earliest plastic surgeons paid the most attention to the nose.

By treating servicemen's wounds during World War I, important advances in plastic surgery were made. From then on, the discipline evolved by adopting less invasive methods and broadened to include all body regions that might be changed. Plastic surgery is increasingly utilized to repair body abnormalities or improve its appearance. It has grown in popularity in recent years as new procedures have been developed, and it has become more affordable to the general public. Over 21 million surgical and non-surgical cosmetic operations were performed globally in 2015.

The average cost of plastic surgery in the US is between $4,000 to $20,000. However, in Egypt, you can get it at a lower cost. Little wonder more people from across the world travel to Egypt to get their plastic surgery done at affordable rates.

Egypt is the best medical tourism destination for overseas patients seeking quality plastic surgery at affordable costs. It has become the ideal spot for reputable plastic surgeons in the world, all thanks to cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art medical centers.

In this article, you'll learn everything you need to know about plastic surgery in Egypt. You can contact us today to know the best prices for plastic surgery in Egypt.

What is Plastic Surgery?

Cosmetic plastic surgery is performed to alter one's look. For some, it may imply reshaping the body's contour and form, smoothening wrinkles, or removing bald spots. Others may choose varicose vein therapy or breast augmentation. Men and women can pick from a variety of cosmetic surgery techniques to create an image that helps them feel more confident and comfortable with their looks.

Although health insurance seldom cover the expenses of cosmetic operations, the number of people opting for cosmetic plastic surgery continues to rise. Breast augmentation, liposuction, nose reshaping, eyelid surgery, stomach tuck, and facelift are the most popular cosmetic plastic surgeries.

Why Consider Egypt For Cosmetic Surgery?

Egypt is the center of modern civilization and has a rich historical record. It is located in the North-eastern corner of the African continent, connected to Asia by the Sinai Peninsula, and has long been an important crossing point between Asia, Africa, and Europe. The benefit of combining medical tourism and plastic surgery in Egypt is that both can be gotten at the price it would cost for just booking the surgery in other countries, resulting in significant savings. Additionally, professional services with excellent clinical expertise will be provided.

In Egypt, plastic and cosmetic surgeries are considered low-cost and high-quality procedures. Thousands of international patients visit Egypt for these surgeries annually.The following are the primary reasons Egypt is a popular location for plastic surgery:

  • Egypt has some of the best plastic surgeons in the world.
  • Egypt has advanced Plastic Surgery Infrastructure
  • The country has the most advanced Plastic Surgery Technologies
  • Egypt has a high success rate for plastic surgery.
  • Plastic Surgery in Egypt has received positive feedback from previous patients.
  • Low-cost plastic surgery procedures in Egypt due to a large number of clients and numerous Plastic Surgery Centers.
  • The country is also a hub for good implants needed for Aesthetic Surgery. 
  • Even when travel costs are included, Plastic surgery cost in Egypt is still lower compared to that in the United States. 

Egypt Offers Excellent Medical Care

Because of its low-cost plastic surgeries, high-quality medical care facilities, and its affiliation with recognized medical bodies, Egypt has become a popular medical tourism location.

Most Egyptian doctors and surgeons are US-trained and can speak English fluently. Of course, the prices may differ based on the type of plastic surgery you want, but on average, Egypt is still more affordable for such procedures than the US and other parts of the world.

Plastic surgery is cheaper in Egypt, with a neck lift costing $4000 compared to the US price of $12 000. In Egypt, you can get high-quality plastic surgery for 50% off the US price, and sometimes even lower.

Plastic Surgery in Egypt Prices

Find below a comprehensive list of all plastic surgery prices in Egypt:

Plastic Surgery in Egypt

Average Cost (USD)

Breast Reduction


Breast Fat Grafting





$3, 050

Breast Implant


Tummy Tuck






Dimple Creation






Vaginal Tightening


Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation


Designer Vagina


Mons reduction


G Shot


O Shot




Video Consultation


Burn surgery


Craniofacial surgery


Hand surgery




Pediatric plastic surgery


Reconstructive surgery


Body Contouring


Breast Augmentation


Vaginal Rejuvenation




Lips Reshaping


Brazilian Butt Lift – BBL


Buttocks Lifting


Thigh Reduction




Liposuction 360


Vaser Liposuction






Mommy Makeover


Body Lift


FUT Hair Transplant


Arm Lift


FUE Hair Transplant






Breast Fat Transfer


Breast Reconstruction


Brow Lift


Buccal Fat Removal


Butt Implants


Cleft Lip


Clitoral Hood Reduction


Dental Implants




Facial Reconstruction


Laser Treatments


Female to Male


Forehead Reduction




Fat Grafting


Lip Fillers


Lipo dissolve


Mole Removal


Male to Female




Lipoma Removal


Neck Lift










Revision Rhinoplasty




Skin Treatments


Scar Removal




Thigh Lift


Tattoo Removal


Skin Treatments


Skin Whitening


Source: Africa Infoline


Plastic surgery has grown in popularity as time and technology have improved, helping people gain confidence and overcome personal concerns. Many unique, previously untested procedures are currently being employed to aid human skin repair. Plastic surgery options are frequently diverse, and you'll need to know what's suitable for you to get yourself a confident makeover!

At Nile Health, we give you the best information about the various plastic surgery procedures and costs available in Egypt. We also connect you with the best plastic surgery center within the country and help you make the right decision.

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