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Our first-class care saves each customer an average of $15,000. Get your quote here.

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We match your healthcare needs with credentialed doctors and professionals to take care of you and your family.

Travel Experience

Our white-glove door-to-door services will help you feel fully restored when you leave Egypt.

The Nile Health Advantage

Full Trip Planning

Accomodations Included

Airport Pickup

Private Transportation

1-on-1 Consultation

24/7 Care

VIP Clincs

Post-Op Care

Aftercare Followup

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I never thought I would be able to afford this level of professional treatment, but thanks to Go Nile Health I don't have to worry about paying an arm and leg for professional healthcare monitoring! I've never felt healthier!

-Mark P. 


Go Nile Health's door to door service made the entire experience a breeze. They took care of my flights lodging and all the travel within Egypt, I can't recommended them enough!!

-Paula M. 

Why choose Nile Health?

See why more Americans are choosing the Egyptian Medical system.


  • Dental procedures
  • CT scan
  • Gastric bypass surgery
  • Hip replacement surgery


  • Dental procedures$5,987
  • CT scan$9,766
  • Gastric bypass surgery$5,688
  • Hip replacement surgery$23,876


  • Dental procedures$4,199
  • CT scan$6,877
  • Gastric bypass surgery$3,879
  • Hip replacement surgery$11,777

World-Class Healthcare Professionals


Cosmetic Care

Whether you need an outpatient procedure or one with a short hospital stay, GO Nile Health will help your be healthy and happy.


Dental Care

Our highly qualified dentists offer all types of dental treatments. Why not combine our first-class dental care with an adventure and explore Egypt? 


General Medicine

Our healthcare professionals will carefully learn about your medical history and perform personal exams to better understand what treatment you need. 


Intensive Care

Our renowned clinicans work in top-quality facilities and will help meet your medical and financial needs when you or someone you love needs complicated, intensive care.

See How Much You Could Save On Your Medical Bills

"Go Nile Health saved me thousands on my dental work. The professional care and treatment was better than anything I've recieved in the States."
-George K.